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Unfortunately the Tournament Committee has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2015 Cowtown Tournament. This has been an exceptionally rainy Spring season here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with much of the rain falling near/on weekends. That is certainly good news for our lakes and lawns, but bad news for all soccer participants who have had multiple games canceled and re-scheduled.  The rain and re-schedules seem to never stop. Most leagues are moving  into the middle of May with their re-schedules.  Obviously, these circumstances have played havoc with tournaments such as ours in the first half of May.  Our registrations are down precipitously, and some already registered teams are  having to drop out as their League matches fill the tournament weekend. We greatly appreciate everyone who has registered and stuck with us, however, even after trying our best to coordinate schedules with leagues, and looking at logistics of  scheduling  around league matches, at the end of the day we feel we do not have sufficient teams available to provide a balanced and competitive experience for all. The long term forecast also seems to show more rain moving in next week.  Taking all of this into consideration, we have decided It would not be fair to any teams participating to move forward with the tournament just so we could make enough money to cover the boxes of trophies sitting in our office. We pride ourselves on delivering a solid, competitive and fun tournament for the 170+  teams that typically choose to join us each year, and we wanted to remain true to that mission. This year we felt we could not deliver on that promise.

Thank you to everyone for registering and we hope you understand.  The Cowtown Tournament has a notable history in Tarrant County spanning several decades, and we certainly plan to continue that next year.  We have already put plans and procedures in motion with the local Leagues  to remedy the  conflicts on our tournament weekend and ensure they do not happen next year. We hope that you will be a part of it.