• COACH REGISTRATION. Register as a coach each season (link, etc. on the Coach web page) before the deadline for regular recreational registration. Answer all questions in the online registration (e.g., do you have a Bye request?).
  • RISK ABUSE STATEMENT. If you do not have a currently approved Risk Abuse Statement (background check), you must submit one (they typically expire every June 1).
  • COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR COMMISSIONER that you are returning to coach or that you want to coach your son's or daughter's team. Be sure that they have you assigned to your team for this particular season. This is critical to avoid conflicts for head coaches with two teams.
  • ROSTER. The only roster that is accurate, final, and complete is your official roster (North Texas and US Youth Soccer logos on the top--Registrar's signature at the bottom). You will be notified via email when the official rosters have been generated. Any other listing of players is neither accurate, nor final, nor complete--and should be used only for additional contact information. You will find your official roster in your team account. Select Team Profile and than Documents. Check your official roster frequently before the season begins for adds and transfers. Adds and transfers are on your team (they will have a number next to their name). Releases are not on your team.
  • TEAM ACCOUNT. Be familiar with your team account in Got Soccer. You can find all the contact information on your players; email all your families; upload photos of players; view your schedule and prior scores; view, download, and print your official roster; and others.
  • INDIVIDUAL COACH ACCOUNT. You also have an individual account--primarily for editing your profile information.
  • CONTACT ALL OF YOUR FAMILIES as soon as your official roster is released. Either organize a first practice or simply a meeting with the families immediately. Enlist the help of other families (as assistant coaches, team managers, or simply someone who might handle a team newsletter, phone-tree, end-of-the-year party, etc.).
  • UNIFORMS. Make a decision and order your uniforms as early as possible. You might want to discuss uniforms with other families from your team (if time permits). The FWYSA web site typically has some suggestions regarding vendors. Some frequently attend the pre-season coach meeting(s). And your commissioner might be a good source for suggestions. They are often coaches and could share their experiences with you.
  • PRACTICE LOCATIONS AND TIMES. The location of your practices, time, and days are your prerogative. You are the one volunteering your time. You might want to consult with the families--but stress that practice must first and foremost fit your schedule.
  • COACH MEETINGS. Attend any mandatory coach meetings.
  • REFEREE CHECK. Teams (coach or other team representative) must pick up the referee check in the Benbrook office. Distributing the referee checks is an essential function of the initial Coach Meeting(s). Any checks not retrieved at the Coach Meeting(s) will be available in the Benbrook office. Check the web site for office hours. Checks are not mailed or delivered in person to designated locations. They must be picked up by the last game of the season. After that date, they are voided and shredded. They will not be re-issued. You will find the Referee Payment Schedule on the FWYSA Coach web page.
  • REPORTING SCORES. All U7 and above teams must record their scores online (or via phone--but online is much faster) within 24 hours (or immediately after your last game for U9 and above--so we can quickly distribute place trophies). Information on reporting scores online may be found on the FWYSA Schedule web page.
  • GAME REPORTS. Both an Excel and a Pdf file of the current game report is available on the FWYSA Coach web page. Print one for each game and give it to the referee (along with the referee payment) before each game. Especially if you have any comments, be sure to note those and leave your Game Report in the mail box(es) at your field.
  • PHOTOS. FWYSA contracts with an independent, private sports photographer each season. They should contact you about scheduling your team, etc. All photos are taken at the soccer fields.
  • TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS. Each Fall (early-December) North Texas Soccer hosts the Tournament of Champions (TOC). Each member association may send one boys' team one girls' in the U10, U12, and U14 divisions. You will find information on the FWYSA Coach web page if you are interested.
  • PARTICIPATION TROPHIES. U4-U8 teams (coach or other team representative) must pick up their participation trophies at the Benbrook office by the end of the season. We do not deliver trophies. After that date, trophies are recycled and no longer available for distribution.
  • PLACE TROPHIES. U9 and above trophies are only for the 1st and 2nd place teams. These teams (coach or other team representative) must pick up their trophies at the Benbrook office as soon as they are mathematically assured of a specific place or by the end of the season. We do not deliver trophies. After that date, trophies are recycled and no longer available for distribution.