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Team Administration

You cannot do it yourself, you need two Assistant Coaches. After Dinos (U4), there are two games going on and you can only be on one fiel. I have three assistance, if a parent wants to do it, I say yes. Extras can help with substitutions and fill in when other coaches can't make it.

Have some Tam Spirit! Get the kids and parents excited about their team. Teach them to put their hands in before games/half times, and end of practices. Tell them you can't hear them, and have them yell. Kids love yelling if you didn't know.

Set up snacks for every game (I setup for practices too but that may be too much, it's up to you). At the beginning of the season, setup a food schedule with a kids assigned days. If there is a cancellation, just move them to the end of the season or skip them. Don't move things around, it just confuses the parents and then they ask you questions.

Schedule an end of season party at the beginning of the season (I do it on the practice day after the last game). Set it up early so everyone can fix it. You can try to wait but it just makes it difficult.

Setup a Facebook page so parents can share pictures and stories with extended family/friends. My wife does this part, I don't have Facebook but apparently lots of people do,


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