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Coach Attitude

I know we live in a time where everyone gets a trophy and that can ruffle some parents a little in the older generation, I get it. However, when dealing with with kids younger than 9/10, I think maintaining a positive attitude is pretty important.

Your goal as a coach is to want the kids to come out and play soccer. It should be fun. This is recreational league, not select, state or regional tryouts. It is supposed to be silly and fun. Recreational means just that...so have fun and remember to keep it positive.

When coaching younger kids, listen to their stories. Seriously, they will have tons. Everything from telling you about their trip to their friends house to getting their nails done. If they want to tell you, then stop and listen. If one kid tells a story, another will want to too. This means break time! After a couple stories, it's time to get back to it 🙂

Remember the ultimate goal for younger kids is for them to want to come to back out to soccer practice/games. Teach them some skills along the way but mostly to interact with new friends and get some exercise.