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One of the primary responsibilities of a coach is to be the point of contact for parents to communicate with concerning practices, games, pictures, etc...This can take a lot of time if you do not setup an efficient means to communicate to your parents.

FWYSA works with GotSport.com and provides all coaches with accounts and the ability to send emails. Every Sunday evening I send an email outlining what is going on that week, and I use the same subject line so they know exactly what the email is about.

 I definitely suggest either including a table with the entire season schedule (practice dates/times, game dates/times, snacks, end of year party, picture day) in every email or setting up a website to pinpoint to.

If a parent asks a question to you that is in the email, send them the email again and politely state"See below".

If it wasn't in the email, then send another email with the information so you don't get the same question over and over again.

Email Example

Subject: U5 Girls Spring Soccer

Great game this weekend everyone! Here is what is going on this week!

Something Important: Here is something important that I need them to read about prior to the practice and game information…


When: 7/12/18 at 6pm

Where: 123 Park, Benbrook, TX

Snack: Michelle


When: 7/14/18 at 10 am

Where: FWYSA Fields – 1655 Wainscot Rd, Benbrook, TX 76126

Snack: Megan

Have a good week! – Coach