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Fort Worth Youth Soccer


Picking a practice location is important.

FWYSA is located in South West Fort Worth. Parents picked FWYSA and expect practice to be in that general area. Although the recreational commissioners try to place players that are geographically located near each other, it doesn't always works out.

If you are located in Keller, the practices should still be in South West Fort Worth near the FWYSA fields. Of course you can always talk to your parents and agree on a location.

Choose a location that is consistently mowed and has a large open space. Parks are generally a great place to practice.

Be consistent about the location. Don't change the location every week. Find a place and stick with it for reason. Otherwise you are inviting lots of emails asking "Where is practice today?". 

Fort Worth Youth Soccer


To minimize schedule conflicts, schedule practices on the same day/time during the week.

For kids who are 3/4/5, you definitely want to hold 2/3 practices before the first game (30-45 min). This will allow you to learn their names and for them to know who you are too. Also, it will help to get them pointed in the right direction. I held about 4 or more after the season started at this age.

For older kids, I recommend 2/3 before before the first game and then once a week practices (45min-1hr). This is recreational so nothing is mandatory but it definitely makes a big difference in their play.

Do not allow parents to drop off their kids and leave. You need a place to send their kid if they continue to act up.

We live in Texas. Kids need frequent water breaks, plus their attention span Is at most 7 mins. Push them as long as you can but don’t be afraid to send them to get water and change activities often.

Practices are not just for kids:

  1. Coaches get to know kids
  2. Parents get to know coaches
  3. Parents get to know each other
  4. Parents get to know commitment to soccer (practice/games, $)
  5. If parents don’t want to come that’s fine, it’s recreational, they pay to play. This is not a competitive level. At a competitive level, practices ae no longer optional. At this level, it is completely optional…some families are just trying it out to see if it is a good fit. We want to encourage soccer not drive them away.

NTSSA and FWYSA has a rule that all kids play at least half the game. I have heard of some coaches who will only play the kids who show up to practice and play the others the minimum the amount of time however, it is recreational soccer. If they show up, rotate them in just like all the others. If you are frustrated about this approach, maybe you need to move up to a competitive coach.