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Just be Quiet!

For younger kids below 5th grade it is important to have fun but there comes a time where you just need the to BE QUIET!

Luckily for us the school system has ingrained a simple technique to get all of them to be quiet...

  1. 1. Raise your hand and say "Hands up!"
  2. Put your other index finger to your mouth and say "Make a bubble"
  3. If a child continues to talk you say "We are waiting on you <insert name here>..."
  4. If the child continues to talk, say it again loud enough where the parent will get embarrassed and come discipline their kid
  5. Last resort, send them to their parent. Remember, don't let those parents drop off their kid...

I also make the entire team run if they keep acting up. Obviously they have too much energy and need to burn it off.  They think its funny the first time,  maybe the second. After that, they start to self discipline, especially at older ages.