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When thinking about what you are going to do at practice, here are the keys to success:

  1. Organized: Take the time to think about what you want to teach the players. Whether it be passing, showing, dribbling, etc., take the time to think about a few different exercises or games to work on the skill
  2. Game-Like: Ensure the exercises or games simulate the actual game as much as possible
  3. Repetition: Work on the skill over and over (probably in different exercises), encouraging the players when they fail. If they are not failing then they are not being pushed enough. That is what practices is for...
  4. Challenging: Ensure they are challenged and pushing their abilities. If some players have it mastered, separate into groups for he different levels
  5. Coaching: Ensure you are demonstrating, encouraging, and adapting as necessary


Try starting practice with a game. That's all players want to do anyway right? Get them right in to the good stuff.

After some time, then stop and get into the practice topic. Work on their exercises, games that enforce the topic.

Finally, get back into the game at the end, encouraging they try the topic worked on earlier.

Just a quick recap:





After practice when you are driving home or later that night, asl yourself these questions:

  1. Did you achieve your goals for the practice?
  2. What went well during practice?
  3. What could you do better?

Adjust accordingly and learn from your efforts!