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For younger ages just getting the kids to go in the right direction is an accomplishment but once they get that down they are going to be seriously trying to score.

But how are they supposed to shoot properly?

Here are the beginning techniques:

  1. 2/3 steps way from the ball, not directly behind the ball but off to either the left or right side
  2. After walking up to the ball, the non-shooting foot should be placed directly next to the ball. The toe pointing where we want to kick the ball.
  3. Leaning OVER the ball, head down, ankle locked, the kicking foot should strike the middle of the ball. The portion of the foot connecting to the ball should be the top of the foot, inside laces side of the foot. Right above your big toe and below where your bone is located half way up your foot.
  4. The follow through is where it is awkward at first. For real power you should be landing on your shooting foot...all of your weight and power are thrown into the shot through your foot. After a little practice it becomes more natural but at first it feels really weird.
  5. If kicking right footed, your left arm too should come across your body towards your right foot. This will lower your left shoulder and ensures you are again getting your full weight and power behind your shot. After the shot your left arm will naturally swing back out.

Watch some of these videos to see the techniques

power shooting

more shooting