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To all our FWYSA and Outside Teams, we wanted you to be aware of a new league policy. Recently there have been way too many incidents around North Texas Soccer involving abusive behavior toward referees. It is especially disturbing when directed toward younger referees who are simply trying to learn their trade just as thee young players are.

So with that in mind, the league policy is as follows: Any behavior that is deemed abusive from spectators towards the referee crew, or FWYSA Staff will result in the team’s sideline being removed from the complex for their next scheduled game. Please note we mean ALL of the parents, not just the one(s) allegedly causing problems. The same holds true for coaches and managers. While this may seem extreme, it’s simply gotten to the point where extreme action is needed. We look to the coaching staff to model what is acceptable sideline behavior, and to communicate what is expected to the parents. Recently there have been too many examples of coaches and parents that recrossing that line. People want competent and experienced referees, but then create an environment where young referees cannot take the abuse, and understandably quit.

We want all our families to come out and enjoy the games, and ALL spectators should come with the intention of supporting their team, the opponent’s team, AND the referee crew. Will there be mistakes and missed calls? Of course there will be, but everyone is learning and trying to get better. The referees cannot get better without the experience of games under their belt. No referee steps onto the field wanting to make mistakes, but no referee will be 100% perfect each matter either.


Please understand the spirit and intent behind this policy and help us create a supportive, fun environment for all and an environment where we don’t even need to implement the policy.

Janet Norman – Executive Director

FWYSA Executive Board and Board Members