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Fort Worth Youth Soccer

Game Day!

Ensure your parents know where to meet before the game. I actually have a website link with a picture of the fields and big arrow stating where to meet.

Ask your parents to arrive 10m prior to the game so it can start on time with the correct number of players.

Don't forget if you are home you need referee fees. The league will provide the referee fees you are responsible for but it is your job as the Home team coach to pay the referee at the start of the game. The amount ranges for different age groups.

Fort Worth Youth Soccer

Come Prepared

You should have had a few practices prior to the game. This allowed you to assess the kids, which kids are all in and ready to go and which kids are a little more shy.

For the younger ages you have two games going on. I recommend splitting the team into two different groups evenly, by numbers, skill, and interest. Keep the teams through the game, it will be easier for you. Have an idea how you are going to split prior to getting there. You can ask your parents to let you know if they will miss a game to help with team formation

Older ages have positions and it is important to figure out where the players best fit on the field. Stronger players in the middle of the field.

Remember if a kid wants to try a position out, this is a recreational league, so let them try.

Very important...All kids are required by league rules to play at least 50% of the game.

It is one thing if you are trying to play them and they don't want to play verse just sitting them on the bench. 

Fort Worth Youth Soccer

Running the Game

Younger ages

They will have two games going on. You need an assistant coach.  

The games are split into quarters, the length varies by age groups.

I have another assistant coach help with substitution of my players. Every few mins I rotate a player in, equally giving time to all kids. 

At quarters, tell the kids to get drinks, hug parents, then come back. Ask questions like "are you having fun?" and give lots of praise.  If there are areas they need to work on then tell them you want the to focus on that next quarter.

Remember to put your hands in before the start of quarters, 1,2,3 then yell your team name!

Older ages groups

There is usually one game going on and the quarters/halves are longer. Ensure you rotate kids in to get the playing time. Make adjustments as necessary if the other team is continually beating you in a particular area on the field.

If you are coaching at this level you need to have some experience with the game. If you don't have the experience, ask for help from the coaching director and google is your friend...