IMPORTANT PLEASE READ Coaches/managers must complete backgrounds AND DO THE SAFE SPORT TRAINING ASAP as they can not be placed on the roster till they are approved.  Make sure the email address that is entered is correct as this will be your team user/login as well as your manager /coach account within the new gotsport
CLUB ACCOUNT dropdown, If your club name and or team name does not appear in the drop-down SELECT INDEPENDENT TEAM.
Important: Teams please keep your team age current! Please input your team age as of today and never use a future group. Use the player years shown in the drop-down list as a reference. The system will increase your age group by one year on August 1st, so do not age up your team in advance or you may end up in the wrong group when the system ages your team! EXAMPLE: 2011 Teams will register as a U10, on August 1, it will automatically become U11 in GotSoccer. Event Registration Event Dates: August 1 ,2024  TO July 31 , 2025