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Required by North Texas State Rules

2023/2024 Team Fact Sheet

Home Association Fees


Jaclynn Hutt is the FWYSA Competitive Registrar

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1. New Players: 
Add all New Players information to GotSport Team Account Roster
2. Returning Players: 
Update any changes (jersey number, address, etc)
3. Photos: (Mandatory – Coaches-Manager-Players)
Head Shots (no action-body or profile shots-no hats-no sunglasses)
Player’s Photo must be “Current” and “Clear” 
(There is a tool in GotSport can detect if photo is not

Virtual ID Cards are Required during  League play
You will need to have your Virtual ID Cards ready to view on your smartphone for the referees to check in the team before each game. I would practice before your first game to avoid having a problem @ the team check-in. This is also a way to verify your player’s jersey #s match the jersey they are wearing.

  1. Open up a Browser Window on your Smart Phone
  2. Login to your GotSport Team Account
  3. Click on Team Management
  4. Go to Teams and click on your team
  5. Now you are on your Team Information Page. Click on Rosters
  6. Select the Event Roster from the dropdown menu, click on your event and select Search
  7. Click on Documents & ID Cards
  8. Scroll down and click on Green VID Button. This brings up your team roster.
  9. Click on 1st Name on the List not the list
  10. You now will Swipe each Player’s VID Card from Right to Left
  • Head Shot Only
  • No Action Shots
  • No Body Shots
  • No Profile Shots
  • No Sunglasses
  • No Hats

The player’s photo must be current and clear

Registration will not be considered complete without players. coaches, and managers photos.

  • Notify Registrar of Roster Changes so your Official Roster can be updated and approved
  • Once roster is updated, login to GotSport Team Account
  • Click on Team Management > Teams > Team Registration
  • Choose Home Association Event
  • Click on Notify button in the upper right-hand corner
  • Once the notify button is activated, the yield sign will appear. Post a message in Message Box of the updates made to the roster
  • Notify Yiled Sign will be cleared when roster is updated along with a message from the Registrar

There will be a NTSSA Birth Certificate Repository for all.  North Texas is just turning this system on and it is only required for all players.  Any player that already has a birth certificate uploaded and is verified, shouldn’t have to do this as gotsport will auto approve them to grandfather them in.  However, all 11U and new competitive players will need to go through this birth certificate upload process.

The parents will have to do this upload from their account.  Club Admins and Managers will not be able to do this process.

It is viewable in a player’s profile under Forms as long as player has a USYS role.  All competitive clubs/teams should make sure all their players have this USYS/NTSSA competitive role.

The PDF  instructions for club admin to help attach parents to new player’s GotSport, if needed.

Also the PDF  instructions for parents to use once attached to upload birth certificate in right place.

Click the links for the “How Too” for adding birth certificates to the player’s profiles

Adding Parent / Guardian to Player Profile


Uploading Player Birth Certificate / Passport